The owner of the company was incredibly helpful and got me a tow in next to no time at all. The tow driver was quick in getting to me and took me and my car back home. Fastest i have ever gotten road side service.

Void Zullgon

I have no words for how much help GV towing was for me. I broke down outside of Hardin on my way home to Stevensville in my brand new Chevy with my two girls and 4 golden retrievers. No one would help us because of the dogs. Jim came out with his partner and his wife! They transported my kids my dogs my small trailer and my truck to Billings MT 77 miles away. After dropping my truck off at dealership they took me and my crew to our hotel. It was great company and conversation. I am extremely grateful for all the help in an unbelievable situation out in the middle of nowhere. Thanks guys you're amazing

Amy Helmuth

I called my insurance company for roadside assistance in order to get help as we were stuck on a very scary driveway out in Lockwood. No company in Billings was willing to do the job. I received a call from GV Towing and after having a good talk about the situation they had me take pictures and explain everything to them so that they could be fully prepared with the correct vehicle supplies and equipment. They were there in under an hour all the way from Hardin mind you. After trial and error trying to figure out the best situation to safely get the vehicle out, it didn't actually even need to get towed to safety he was able to drive it in reverse down a winding single-lane driveway all the way out with no assistance. Amazing crew! You cannot imagine how much we appreciate you for helping us in our time of need and getting us out of the precarious situation we were in. I highly recommend these guys to anyone!

Jennifer Taylor

Last night our truck broke down on the side of the interstate right outside of lodge grass. We contacted USAA and they contacted GV Towing.

First of all I want to thank them for working on Christmas. I felt terrible having them come out on Christmas but we had no other choice.

GV towing thank you for being so good to work with! I cannot remember the ladies name on the phone, she was very helpful even though dealing with our insurance company isn't that most fun thing to do in the world. Our driver Him was amazing! Quick, kind and chatted with us on our 75 mile venture home. There prices were the best ones out of any tire company around.

If you are having vehicle issues and need help call GV towing you will not regret it!

Cory Main

Really nice. I have a tractor trailer that died over night from gelling and they came out and got me back rolling in 30 mins. By the time I got off the phone with my dispatcher telling them what was going on GV was already here. Great service highly recommend.

Atum Ra

Today!! Thanksgiving day my son and I had car trouble as we were trying to get home to Missouri. We pulled over in Hardin MT. We called our insurance agency and they said no one was towing today. They told us to find a local company. No one was answering and we were frustrated. There were fliers here at the hotel we walked to. My husband was able to contact Jim at GV towing and he was a godsend. He worked w my husband over the phone and came to me and my sons rescue. Jim helped us get our belongings out of our car and to our hotel. He then towed our car. Jim had great information and was truly a blessing to us. Thank you so much GV towing! Sending you and your wife peace and comfort for all you do.

Roni Meyers Peone

Husband broke down while hunting, many miles from home. GV came to the rescue! They helped him fix the issue and we never needed the tow. Not many companies can say they work to lose the money just to help.. but Jim and Laurie did just that! Above and beyond!

Penny Davies